About Us

AM•GAR Project Management Ltd.

The AM•GAR Company and its associated companies manage local, national and international projects according to the philosophy of the founder Amos Unger. All projects are unique, and deserve the highest professional care and attention. AM•GAR believes that problems and opportunities should be identified before they can be resolved. Therefore special attention is given to the design management phase, wherein the goals objectives and vision of the Client are internalized and discussed. From experience, successful projects are those that establish procedures for professional discussion, raise alternatives, frame costs and express the consequence of design decisions. At each stage the Client can relate costs of design and vision.

AM•GAR specializes in projects in the public sector that demand highest quality of materials and detail, as well as projects that reflect "green" objectives all within the framework of realistic costs. Accordingly, AM•GAR emphasizes value engineering at the preliminary stage.

To this end AM•GAR divides project management into Design Management that precedes tenders, and Construction Management that implements tenders.

Design Management:

AM•GAR may advise the client on alternatives to proceed with a project, whether it be a design competition, shortlisted design teams, build operate transfer (BOT), fast-track pre-design or design and tender for fixed price. Depending on the option selected, design teams are created based on the most relevant specialized experience.

Programme and value engineering may be required whereby the cost implication of choosing a design direction is calculated as an option for design and programme trade-offs. The result is a clear understanding of the design costs and implications prior to the creations of detailed drawings and bid tenders.

Construction Management:

AM•GAR undertakes typical project management tasks related to the compilation of bid documents, selection of contractors, budget tracking and monitoring,, supervision of construction plans, on site conformation of contractors performance, and construction supervision. Construction management is carried out by AM•GAR for building, and by the associated company Emek Ayalon for infrastructure.

Staff Component:

The companies currently employ 40 workers, among which are engineers, and architects. The companies main offices are in Jerusalem and Modi'in.


All the companies' employees have skills of administrative work through Office 2009+, including full control of Excel and Word functions.

The companies conduct several projects using the management software through the internet, thus enabling receipt and plans handling through @ View, and other file transfer and tracking programs.

All issues of tenders, engagements, including handling the planners', contractors', and suppliers' accounts, including budgetary control, is administered by "Menifa" Software.

All Project managers and supervisors are experienced with the scheduling management software MS Project.