The Founder

The Founder

Amos Unger – Founder and CEO AM•GAR Construction Management Companies

Amos Unger - Founder and CEO AM•GAR Construction Management Companies

Following a brief military carrier including the campaigns of 1967 and 1973, Amos Unger retired as Lt.Col. (ret) and graduated 1974 (BA) Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1974, he was appointed by Mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek, to head the "Department of Building and Construction Supervision Jerusalem", and oversee the rapid expansion of the City.  Five years later he joined the private sector companies, Electra, and then Rasco that was extensively constructing large new residential projects in the Jerusalem area.

In 1981 Amos Unger was appointed as General Manager (CEO) of the "Company for the Reconstruction of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem" more commonly known as the "ROVA".  Extensive archaeological excavations have been completed by 1981, and the actual reconstructions of the roads, utilities, urban paving, lighting, signage and buildings then began in earnest. Creative solutions were found to utilize archaeological excavations under buildings for public museums.

In the beginning of 1987 Amos Unger was appointed Director General, Ministry of Housing and Construction of the Government of Israel, a position he held until the end of 1990. During this period he oversaw the intensive planning and expansion of new settlements, infrastructure, and policy for future cities throughout the country in preparation for the absorption of mass immigration (1,000,000 people) from the FSU in the early 1990's.

Subsequently Mr. Unger established AM•GAR Project Management Ltd, for the purpose of using his national experience to managing the development of residential, cultural and educational projects with an emphasis on their interrelationship and dependence for a country that was rapidly growing.

This philosophy was expanded to include the management and supervision of infrastructure project with the creation a subsidiary company in conjunction with Ehud Tayar Engineering & Management of the company Emek Ayalon Ltd.  Each company has a specific focus and expertise, but the overlapping management structure brings increased value-added benefits to the Client.

AM•GAR, under the guidance of Amos Unger, has positioned itself as a leader in applying a broad comprehensive professional integrated approach to managing construction, such as the New City of Modi'in and the planning for West Jerusalem. To this end the company employs a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including civil engineers, infrastructure development engineers, quantity comptrollers, architects, geographers/town planners, economists and administrative staff.

For many years Amos Unger has actively volunteered with a variety of public institutions ranging  from Yad Lashirion Amutta, Yad Ben Zvi Centre and most recently the Khan Theatre for which he is now serving as the Chairman of the Board.