Management Personnel

Management Personnel

Yoni Goldstein - Senior Project Manager – building construction | AM•GAR

Yoni Goldstein - Senior Project Manager Bachelor degree in Industrial and Management Engineering (Technion), diploma Construction Project Management (Technion) and diploma in Business Administration (Israel Institute of Productivity). He is a member of Industrial and Management Engineering Association, Fellow of the Israeli Institute of Productivity, and the American Institute of Industrial Engineering (AIIE). Over 30 years experience in construction management of cultural, educational and academic buildings, with special emphasis on quality and budget control. Projects include Tel Aviv Old City Hall Museum, Rishon Lezion City Hall, School of Communication COMAS, and school of Veterinary medicine Rehovot, as well as government office buildings.

Richard (Raphael) Rabnett - Senior Project Manager – planning & design management | AM•GAR

Richard (Raphael) Rabnett - Senior Project ManagerBachelor degree in Architecture (McGill), Master degree in Architecture (Berkeley), Masters degree in City and Regional Planning (Berkeley). He is a co-recipient of the Canadian National Award for Planning Excellence, and the United Nations award for Urban Development. Over 40 years experience in the planning, design and coordination of large scale projects in Canada and Israel specializing in design management, design competitions, professional team building, value engineering and budget control. As a senior associate in Moshe Safdie Architects Jerusalem office, participated in the design and construction of Modi'in, Yad Vashem, Mamilla, Ben Gurion airport. Recent projects include launching the New Bezalel Campus Russian compound, Jerusalem and the hosting of an International design competition to select the design architect.

Kobby Ben Atar – Project Manager – Planning and statutory process | AM•GAR

Kobby Ben Atar – Project ManagerMasters degree in Architecture, (Polytechnic Milan). Over 6 years experience in planning and design coordination with special emphasis on statutory procedures and approvals. Projects include Teddy (Kollek) Park, Talpiot master planning, major upgrade of the water fountain in Diezengoff Square, Tel Aviv, construction of a hostel and education facilities for the Association for the wellbeing of Israeli Soldiers in Jerusalem, BOT for the development of the Campus School of Arts in Jerusalem, and BOT for the development of the 200 bed Student Dormitory addition to Bet Agron in Jerusalem.

Yoni Shohami - Senior project Manager – Sewage and drainage | AM•GAR

Yoni Shohami - Senior project ManagerDegree in Practical Engineering (Rupin Technological College). Over 20 years experience in management and supervision of construction of sewer and drainages systems, with special emphasis on agricultural waste treatment, reclamation and re-use irrigation options. Previously he was responsible sewage and drainage systems for the Regional Council of Emek Hefer, a prime agricultural and tourism area (Nahal Alexander) of 35,000 people, 28 moshavim and 7 kibbutzim located between Hadera and Netanya. Current projects include management and supervision of the new large Nebi Musa waste treatment facility in the East, the major upgrade of the Sorek treatment facility in the West, and the construction of the Kidron pumping station and re-direct to the Sorek for City of Jerusalem.

Ehud Tayar – Partner | Emek Ayalon

Bachelors degree Engineering (Technion), Masters studies in Regional Planning (Technion) and Registered Professional Engineer. He is founder of Ehud Tayar Management and Engineering Ltd, and a partner in Emek Ayalon Ltd that was created to manage the planning and construction of infrastructure in the New city of Modi'in. Ehud Tayar was the Jerusalem City Engineer responsible for all planning and development in Jerusalem, and Jerusalem District Engineer and District Manager for the Ministry of Housing and Construction. He has over 40 years experience in construction management of large residential projects, industrial and Hi Tec parks, and infrastructure development.

Eli Kahana – Senior Project Manager – Civil works | Emek Ayalon

Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, (Technion). Over 20 years experience in management and supervision of Civil works with special emphasis tenders and quality control for Highways, bridges, tunnels, and major earthworks. Projects include Route 6 (trans-Israel Highway) section 18 and Ein Tut Interchange. Previous positions include; Regional Manager for Derech Eretz Route 6, and Project Manager for LMB (Leher McGoverin Bovis NY) Terminal 3 Ben Gurion 2000 Airport Civil works including aprons, taxiways, drainage, fuelling, and lighting.

Sinay Berkowich – Senior Project Manager – Rail works | Emek Ayalon

Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, (Technion). Over 15 years experience in management infrastructure planning and coordination, and construction supervision of Rail works with special emphasis on Rail, stations, platforms, bridges, tunnels, and major earthworks. Projects include Rishon Lezion -Ashdod rail extension. Previous positions include; Project Manager, Yahel Engineers Ltd for the 2 billion shekel south campus project and Project Manager for international construction company Danya Cebus on large residential projects.

Hezy Spillinger – Senior Project Manager – Light Rail Transit | Emek Ayalon

Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, (Technion), Master degree Civil engineering – Transportation Engineering (Technion), and retired from military service as Lt.Col.(res). Over 35 years experience in management, planning, logistics, monitoring and execution of large scale and diverse projects in all parts of the country. Most recently Hezy Spillinger was Director and Deputy Director of Planning for NATA the company formed to manage the design and development of the light rail transit for Tel-Aviv and surrounding municipalities. Prior senior management positions were held with CPM Construction Management Company and as the Construction Unit Commander at a large Air Force base responsible for all civil engineering and systems, including construction of buildings, specialized facilities, systems and maintenance.