Transportation & Infrastructure

Transportation & Infrastructure

Sewage treatment MAVTI, Jerusalem

Sewage treatment MAVTI, Jerusalem | AM•GAR

Client: MAVTI
Location: Jerusalem
Architect: Mike Turner
Engineer systems: Lavi | Nativ
Engineer treatment: Technological Conservation & Environment
Completion: Ongoing

All cities in Israel, except Jerusalem, are connected to a regional system of collection and treatment of waste water. Each region is a legal entity with an administrative structure, empowered to plan, finance, collect fees and implement projects.

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Bridges, Modi'in

Bridges, Modi'in | Emek Ayalon

Modi'in is designed with a hierarchy of roads. Local roads are located in valleys with open space, and major arterial roads cross over valleys with as little disturbance to the natural open space as possible resulting in a number of long span bridges for road and rail. The design principle was to have as long an uninterrupted span as technical possible, to allow the bridge to visually "float" over the landscape. Therefore the location and modulation of columns supporting the bridge is a significant design consideration. Three examples completed by the Firm include:

  • Bridge Road 431
  • Bridge Road 20
  • Bridge Road 3

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Rail extensions

Rail extensions | Emek Ayalon

The Government has made the expansion of infrastructure a national priority. Rail expansion is one of the important components of the national infrastructure. Rail connections include both freight and passenger and the importance of efficient, convenient transportation connections between the central regions and the periphery are central to the National plan.

The Firm has been involved in a number of significant infrastructure improvements. These include:

  • Rails extension Rishon Lezion – Ashdod Port

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Transportation Center, Modi'in

Transportation Center, Modi'in | Emek Ayalon

Client: The Ministry of Construction and Housing
Location: Modi'in
Architect / Planner: Moshe Safdie
Engineer: Yossi Gordon, Yoram Gottlieb, Kedmor
Landscape Architect: Shlomo Aronson
Size: 55,000 m²
Budget: $27.5 M - 150 M shekels
Completion: 2013

Transportation Center of Modi'in is the central inter-connection of rail, bus, taxi, pedestrian with the commercial retail office Town Center or CBD (Central Business District).

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