Design management, planning and consultant coordination services

Below are a summary of the range of services that the Firm can provide the Client, and which comprise a regular part of the management of projects we implement:

  • Manage the preparation and undertaking of various feasibility examinations such as, surveys, programs, value engineering, and master plans (including agreements with a wide variety of specialist consultants).
  • Undertake the preparation, hosting, management web-based design competitions, locally or internationally, including document preparation, competition brief, jury selection, advertising, promotional material, and agreements.
  • Manage the preparation of re-zoning plans and detailed urban building plans, permits, their confirmation, and their coordination with different organizations, such as, government offices, local authorities and various public bodies, until receiving the necessary statutory authorizations as required by law.
  • Manage and coordinate the preparation of architectural and engineering plans, including construction, development, and infrastructure systems, receive approvals and permits within the required time framework.
  • Prepare marketing brochures and offers for different uses; industry, commerce, and residence.

1. Project Organization:

  • Evaluation different options for structuring and organizing the project through design, construction and operation.
  • Design Build [DB], Build Operate Transfer [BOT], Joint Ventures (JV) and Private Public Partnerships (PPP), including preparation of agreements.

2. Design Competitions:

  • Development of vision statements
  • Preparation of Competition programme and Design Brief
  • Preparation of Competition instructions, and invitations
  • Development of web-based Competition.
  • Managing Competition procedures, jury selection, announcements
  • Publications results, press releases

3. Initiation Phase:

  • Focused survey-economic research.
  • Feasibility study for project development.
  • Examination of alternative sources of project funding.
  • Analysis and recommendations to the client with regard to project viability and feasibility.
  • Assessment of the project's critical path, resiliency analysis and contingency plans

4. Design Management Phase:

  • Preparation of a planning program, including guiding technical specifications and budgets.
  • Financial estimates and timetables for ongoing monitoring.
  • Creation of the planning and design team (architect, and full range of consultants)
  • Preparation of agreements with the entire planning team
  • Coordination of planning and design team.
  • Project engineering-economic research.
  • Conducting field tests (land, underground systems etc.) and surveying.
  • Handling and responsibility for obtaining construction permits and licenses.
  • Optimum distribution of work between contractors, subcontractors and suppliers (while saving on prime contractor commission).
  • Preparation of tenders for implementation, including technical specifications and bills of quantity.
  • Analysis and recommendations regarding tender results.
  • Preparation of agreements with contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

5. Computerized Control:

  • Monitoring coordination of project planning and design.
  • Monitoring project implementation processes.
  • Timetables, decisions procedures, and milestones .
  • Bills of quantities [BOQ].
  • Monitoring contractors' guarantees.
  • Partial and final contractor and supplier invoices.
  • Budget reports (implemented, ongoing, forecast).

6. Financial Monitoring:

  • Cash flow management.
  • Ongoing economic analyses (to complete, % complete)
  • Calculations of interest and construction and development loans repayments.
  • Report to bank/to funding organization.